Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raised By Wolves - Published

Unfortunately, I must remove my original blog post entitled "Raised by Wolves."

Fortunately, I'm removing it because a more polished version has been published with the online travel magazine Hackwriters.

Check it out!

(Copy and pasted below is the comment the original blog post recieved.)

(That was a really intriguing read Samantha. As a Samoan born and raised in NZ, I can confirm that we live much the same way as the Samoans described in your post: extended family, internal adoption, multiple offspring, financial support for parents etc. Although it's easier in NZ to have your own money and live separately, we are often obliged to still support our parents. I can also confirm your perceptions are correct – those are probably exactly the thoughts Samoans have when asking you those questions. But perceptions are made to be broken. As a Samoan in NZ I can see the positives and negatives of having only one child. The more they see you and your sharing heart, the more likely they will change their perception of Western children from a one-child family. Keep up the great work. Soifua!)

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