Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Tide Away the Time

After weeks living in the training village with no internet access, here are a few pictures. A more detailed blog will come in a few days.

Mikaele, Sema, Sene, ma Mika
Aso Muamua i le Tafitoala
Our first day in Tafitoala, our training village

The Fale Samoa that is next to the Western house I lived in in Tafitoala

Our Last Day of Teaching Practicum in Tafitoala, the Year 5/6 Boys did some awesome Sivas (dances) for us

Mika, Olivia, Lopati, ma Tavita at Thanksgiving!

My FAVORITE Kid in the Village
I call her The Pom

Me and Polima

My Two Year Old Brother Tala

Karene, Sene, Mika, ma Sema
Our last time all going to Hideaway Beach while in the training village

Me and Lance

This pisikoa has the same tattoo as my dad!!!

Cutest boy in Tafitoala

Hideaway Beach

Playing Volleball

Sene, Sema, Mika, Karene, ma Mikaele
Our last day of class in the training village

The Crew with Meke, our Mascot at our Farewell Party for the
Host Families

Laupama and I again
I'm taking her home with me

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  1. Wow Sam, these are incredible! I WANT to visit! I've had a stupid long-standing cold for a while and my doctor said the only prescription he could think of was a ticket to a balmy, warm place.

    Samoa's balmy and warm.

    You think health insurance covers a trans-oceanic flight?

    I miss you, and I want to shake your tree.