Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Before the Semi-Real Deal

This Saturday we move out to our training villages! So internet access is going to be rare if at all.

The concert last night went really well! I had a blast sharing something with the other PCTs that has been such a big part of my life. For those who are interested, I played Syrinx by Debussy, Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy by Doppler, and Ballade by Martin (I played the last two without the piano accompaniment, so the two against three part in the Martin got cut.) The other PCTs seemed to be impressed and a lot of the Samoans had really good things to say.
Two of my favorite comments:
"That's amazing. We never hear flute like that in real life, only on the radio or tv."
"Your breathing is incredible. You must be a good swimmer." My response: "Well, I don't drown." Another PCTs response: "It's a flute, not a snorkel."

Most of the PCTs who went to the Music Concert

Crammed in a Taxi

Our Language Class with Joe
(Chris, Pat, Joe, Natalie, Katie, Me)

Until the next blog...

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