Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beach Corps

A few highlights from moments with the Beach Corps.
The Two Years Finally Begin

Mikaele (Jeter), Sene (Jenny), Sema (Sam), Lumafale, Karene (Karen), ma Mika (Mike)

Celebrating our New-Found PCV Status at Y-Not

Flute Music Drying Out after my Room in Falefa Flooded

Visiting Tafitoala for X-Mas/New Years
Poulima and Oneata
In a Dress from my Host Sister

Faleolupo, Savaii
Where we Spent New Years!!

Last Sunset of 2010

Mika and Mikaele!
In another Dress from my Host Sister

Epitome of the Beach Corps
Baseball on the Beach on New Years Day

Me and Laupama!
Love Her!
...and a photo bomber

Me and the Tafitoala Host-Sibs
Falelua, Tala, ma Jessie

Last Night visiting Tafitoala

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